About Me

Hi and welcome to my adventures in baking and decorating!
I'm Christina, a mother of 3 that just loves to bake, however it wasn't always that way! Many years ago I had attempted my son's first birthday cake, then his second...both epic fails, so I just gave up, ordered cakes, and didn't bake again for 13 years! The cupcakes that turned it all around were the Pillsbury Halloween Cupcake Design, for my oldest daughter, Katie's Halloween birthday party. They were a hit! That is when my obsession with cupcakes began! I love making and decorating cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and all sweets really! For me it is more about the decorating than the baking part and I am always looking for a way to one up my last cake, cupcake, or cookie!

I hope you enjoy your visit and that the pictures will inspire you to pick up a piping bag and start swirling!
Sweet Questions or Comments? Want to be a guest blogger? Want to sponsor a giveaway?
Contact me at cfox75@gmail.com
Your comments and emails and inspire me to continue on this adventure and I thank you!
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